Saturday, 12 September 2009

Quoi?!?! Pourquoi!

Right well figured some people might be interested in hearing how I am gettin on. If not then i guess it will be funny to read this back in the future anyway. So yeah, for those who don't know, i am living and studying in grenoble in the south of france this year as part of my degree. Grenoble is a medium sized city which has the backdrop of the french alps and is a very beautiful place, i get free tuition fees and a £2k+ grant from the EU to do it. Sounds like a good year right? Whats the catch, i hear you asking? Well, there are a few...

1. in france, people speak french. almost exclusively. my french is very bad at best. i learnt it for 5 years at gcse level with no intention of ever needing to use it, and then decided to do this ERASMUS program to live in sweden. something in my little head then made me think it would be a fun idea to learn a language when i was in europe, so french was the obvious choice. i picked grenoble because of the skiing option and because normandy sucks.
2. thats where the next catch is. i went skiing in december and got a bit cocky so managed to tear my cruciate ligament. due to the nhs being flawless it is still torn, and surgery won't happen until december at the earliest. so whilst living in basically the skiing capital of the world, i will not be able to ski. or play any other sport which uses the knee the turn, and as you sportsfans know, this is most sports. this upsets me quite a bit. also the knee surgery will probably interupt the yearr a bit as its done in britain and there is a 2 month recovery, but i guess i will limp across that bridge when i come to it
3. did i mention that not only do they speak french in everyday life, but in lectures aswel!? i.e. i will be learning about degree level economics en francais. i am not overly keen on economics so this is a bit of an issue
4. i know no one else in the country.

i am actually in france right now, this is my second full day here, but before i wen my feelings on the matter went from being indifferent, to being terified and not wanting to go, before screaming fuck it and how bad can it be.... tune in next time to find out. safe

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